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To me a blog is better than a magazine. You can access it in an instant and you won’t spill coffee over it, or cover it with cookie crumbs. I have created Style Pot with an aim to follow developments in fashion and in my personal style.

I’m Wiktoria and right now I’m still a high school student. If you’ve read one of my first few posts you’ll know that I’ve spent the last year or so researching different blogging platforms and societies to discover what works best for me. It has taken me a year because there is so much out there – you could hop from one site onto another and never run out of options.

I draw inspiration from vintage pieces which fill my wardrobe, yet I would describe my style as modern, funky classic - yes, I know that makes no sense at all.

All photos are my property and you may use them after contacting me and acknowledging their source.

Please share your thoughts with me but most importantly, enjoy your visit and come back soon!

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